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Genius Crafting Home Made Lip Balm




Makes 20g of Lip Balm


This recipe is not only soothing, it is also very cheap.



Almond Oil 16g

Beeswax 2g


Essential oil/food flavouring, a couple of drops



Sterilised container such as a small glass jar or mint tin. Wash out the container and place in the oven on low heat to sterilise. Place lid in boiling water prior to use.



Using a Bain Marie (double boiler)

Weigh the ingredients and place in a heat proof bowl over a pan of boiling water.

Keep on low heat to slowly melt the beeswax. Once the ingredients have melted add a couple of drops of essential oil or food flavouring and stir. Remove from heat and pour the liquid into small jars or mini tins



Cost of Juliette Lip Balm

16g Almond Oil                                                                          11p

2g Beeswax                                                                               17p

Peppermint Oil                                                                           10p

Total for 20 grammes                                                                  38p


For a variation on the Lip Balm, try using a couple of drops of lavender oil instead of the peppermint to make a soothing balm for lips or skin. Great in cold wintery weather.


If you make this recipe in the warm summer months try increasing the beeswax slightly to make a harder balm which is less likely to melt in your handbag.


January 2012