This space is intended to provide regular updates to events and projects I am involved in. Keep watching for book launches and crafting courses to be announced soon. I am reallly excited to be able to announce the first of my Genius Crafting Courses, which start in October at the lovely Oliver's Hill Barn in beautiful East Sussex.

Joining me will be Louise Roberts, a very talented crafter, cook and gardener lending her own expertise and top tips to the Junk Genius and Superscrimping ideas I have been involved with.

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Superscrimper Christmas Projects


Snowman Christmas Decoration from an Old Light Bulb

Save any old light bulbs for this fun project.

You will need:

Old fashioned Lightbulb, the screw thread ones work the best, but bayonet are fine as well.

Hobby spray paint in white, aerosol car spray paint is fine as well

Permanent marker pen in black

Orange sweet wrapper, Roses work very well.


Glue, superglue or hot melt is best

Red felt or other thick red fabric for scarf, wool is ideal but cotton would do

Thin wire to hang up

Old milk bottle to use to hold the light bulb when spraying



Because spray paint has nasty fumes you should do this task outside, not indoors if at all possible. Do not breathe in the fumes. If you must do it indoors then have the windows and doors open.

Start by putting newspaper over the spraying area and then place the light bulb in the top of the milk bottle which makes an excellent stand to hold it in place while you spray.

Ensure you have a wide area of newspaper to catch any overspray from the spray can.

Spray very lightly moving the bottle around to ensure that you cover all the light bulb with an even coating of the paint. Don’t over spray or you will get drips and runs. It is better to have 2 thin coats, allowing the paint to dry in between each spraying.

When you are happy with the white coverage and the light bulb is dry you can decorate the snowman.

Using the permanent marker pen, draw in the eyes, mouth and buttons as on the photo.

Cut a small piece of orange foil paper from the sweet wrapper and fold to make a pointed nose, fold the end flat and put a spot of glue on the end to stick the nose to the face, Adjust to get the right expression.

Cut a length of red felt or alternative fabric about 2cms wide and long enough to wrap around the shoulders of the snowman and cross over as in the picture.

With your scissors cut into the ends of the scarf to make a fringe which should be about 2cms deep.

Put a spot of glue in between the layers of the scarf and behind the scarf to attach it to the snowman and hold in place.

Cut a length of wire long enough to wrap around the light bulb and then to make a loop to hang up your decoration.

Put it on the tree and admire your handiwork.

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Genius Crafting Home Made Lip Balm


Makes 20g of Lip Balm

This recipe is not only soothing, it is also very cheap.

Almond Oil 16g
Beeswax 2g

Essential oil/food flavouring, a couple of drops

Sterilised container such as a small glass jar or mint tin. Wash out the container and place in the oven on low heat to sterilise. Place lid in boiling water prior to use.

Using a Bain Marie (double boiler)
Weigh the ingredients and place in a heat proof bowl over a pan of boiling water.
Keep on low heat to slowly melt the beeswax. Once the ingredients have melted add a couple of drops of essential oil or food flavouring and stir. Remove from heat and pour the liquid into small jars or mini tins

Cost of Juliette Lip Balm
16g Almond Oil 11p
2g Beeswax 17p
Peppermint Oil 10p
Total for 20 grammes 38p

For a variation on the Lip Balm, try using a couple of drops of lavender oil instead of the peppermint to make a soothing balm for lips or skin. Great in cold wintery weather.

If you make this recipe in the warm summer months try increasing the beeswax slightly to make a harder balm which is less likely to melt in your handbag.

January 2012