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Christmas Penguin from Left Over Marzipan


Why not make your own Christmas Figures using the left over marzipan. This penguin is really easy to do


You will need

Left over marzipan in white, not yellow

Food colour paste. Liquid doesn’t work as well so much better to get paste such as those made by Sugarflair.

For the penguin you will need black, green and red colours

Icing sugar

Blunt knife

Rolling pin

Chopping board

Wooden skewer or cocktail stick


You will need to put icing sugar on the chopping board before you begin so you have a surface to work on and roll and mould your shapes


Start by breaking off a piece of marzipan about 16g in weight, this is for the black body, then begin adding colour to the marzipan by putting a tiny amount of black paste on the cocktail stick and transferring it to the white marzipan. Mix the colour into the marzipan with your fingers so it is evenly distributed and turns black.

Mould the black marzipan into a cylinder standing on the board and then start smoothing the surface and creating a wider shape at the base that tapers up towards the top.

Then take a small piece of uncoloured marzipan and roll it to make a thin triangular shape. Cut with a knife to make the desired white front for the penguin and simply stick it to the black body.

Then take another small amount of white marzipan about 1 g and add green colour in the same way as you added the black. Place the green ball on the top of the black body and shape to make a hat with a pointed top.

Finally take a very small amount of marzipan and add red colour to make his nose, place on the front of the penguin

To finish take the wooden skewer or cocktail stick and make 2 eyes. You have a penguin!


If you enjoyed this try making a Father Christmas which is more challenging, or simply use the remaining white and green marzipan to make a snowman flat shape to decorate Christmas cakes and cupcakes.

You will need a round cutter. I used one of those round measuring spoons to cut out his face, the tablespoon measure was just the right size and then cut out a green hat at a jaunty angle. I used a food pen to make his expression so he looks like the Raymond Briggs snowman and so I could eat him as well!


Try your own experiments, you have enough food colouring for umpteen creature creations!