This space is intended to provide regular updates to events and projects I am involved in. Keep watching for book launches and crafting courses to be announced soon. I am reallly excited to be able to announce the first of my Genius Crafting Courses, which start in October at the lovely Oliver's Hill Barn in beautiful East Sussex.

Joining me will be Louise Roberts, a very talented crafter, cook and gardener lending her own expertise and top tips to the Junk Genius and Superscrimping ideas I have been involved with.

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I am really excited to see the response to Junk Genius. Having taken over 3 years to write the book, it is astonishing and totally heartwarming to see the reaction from friends, family and publishers, not to mention the many people I don't know who have bought a copy. Special thanks to those who have taken the time to post a review, especially Diane Chandler for her glowing report. Word is reaching us that the book is outselling expectations in the big wide world of export, and that responses at the recent Frankfurt Book Fair have been incredibly good. Stacy and I are more than amazed and grateful!