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This space is intended to provide regular updates to events and projects I am involved in. Keep watching for book launches and crafting courses to be announced soon. I am reallly excited to be able to announce the first of my Genius Crafting Courses, which start in October at the lovely Oliver's Hill Barn in beautiful East Sussex.

Joining me will be Louise Roberts, a very talented crafter, cook and gardener lending her own expertise and top tips to the Junk Genius and Superscrimping ideas I have been involved with.

Please do click on a post and leave any comments and suggestions.

New Book " Hand Made Beauty"

I've been really busy lately writing a new book and it's finally published and available to buy on Amazon and other online sites and book shops. It's all very exciting!If you have ever fancied trying your hand at making your own skincare then this is the book for you!Working with my friend and highly respected cosmetic formulator Abi Righton, we've put together a stylish, illustrated book packed full of hands on recipes and helpful tips.

Have Your Friends Been Round and \left You With Some Rubbish Beer

Have Your Friends Been Round and Left You With Some Rubbish Beer?


Sadly your friends come over, drink all your artisan craft beer and leave you with some stuff in cans, which make clanky noises when you pick them up. A case of what to do with the cooking beer?

You could throw it away, after all the embarrassment of your cool friends finding it is just too awful, or you could use it up and generally improve it.

Why not have a go at my favourite bread recipe which is truly delicious and no one will know the secret ingredient came out of a nasty can.

Italian Stationery Some Great Crafting Ideas With the Very Best Paper

If you feel in need of some inspiration for your crafting projects, take a look at my features on the wonderful new blog from Rossi of Italy.

Eat Your Greens In February


February Cabbage that you Actually Will Want to Eat


Most people really don’t like cabbage, memories of soggy green mush at school and a dreadful lingering smell are probably the reason most of us don’t want to eat it. But in January and February cabbage is so seasonal and cheap it makes sense to cook up some tasty recipes using this great vegetable.



Warming winter drink for coughs and colds


Ginger, Lemon and Honey Soothing  Drink

Try this wonderfully warming winter drink which is particularly beneficial for coughs and colds.



Root ginger


Grated zest and juice of one lemon

Boiling water


Grate approximately 1” of root ginger into a small teapot. Add the zest of a lemon to the pot with the ginger. Pour over boiling water and allow to infuse for 5 to 10 minutes. Longer is better.

New Year Beauty Tip Make Your Own Lip Balm



Genius Crafting Home Made Lip Balm




Makes 20g of Lip Balm


This recipe is not only soothing, it is also very cheap.



Almond Oil 16g

Beeswax 2g


Essential oil/food flavouring, a couple of drops



Superscrimpers Snowman Light bulb Decoration


Superscrimper Christmas Projects


Snowman Christmas Decoration from an Old Light Bulb

Save any old light bulbs for this fun project.

You will need:

Old fashioned Lightbulb, the screw thread ones work the best, but bayonet are fine as well.

Hobby spray paint in white, aerosol car spray paint is fine as well

Permanent marker pen in black

Orange sweet wrapper, Roses work very well.


Glue, superglue or hot melt is best

Superscrimpers Christmas Tips

Christmas Penguin from Left Over Marzipan


Why not make your own Christmas Figures using the left over marzipan. This penguin is really easy to do


You will need

Left over marzipan in white, not yellow

Food colour paste. Liquid doesn’t work as well so much better to get paste such as those made by Sugarflair.

For the penguin you will need black, green and red colours

Icing sugar

Blunt knife

Rolling pin

Chopping board

Wooden skewer or cocktail stick